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or hormone of standing position


It is produced in the adrenal glands – glands located in the top of the kidneys.

Beneficial effects

It supports blood pressure at an optimum level in the standing position.
It improves blood circulation in the head in a standing position.
It gives energy, stimulates, increases the pressure to a level sufficient to withstand stressful situations during prolonged standing position.

1/10I have sunken eyes (deep in the orbits)
2/10My wrinkles are sharp and deep
3/10I urinate too many times a day
4/10I crave salty foods
5/10My blood pressure is low
6/10I feel dizzy when I stand up
7/10I have difficulties in focusing with my eyes objects when I stand up
8/10I feel much better lying down than standing up
9/10I hear not well
10/10I am often absent-minded, as if I am here and in another world