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Hormone replacement therapy will return energy, sexual desire and a sense of youth.

The quality of sex. Testosterone

Where are my 17 years?

With age testosterone level declines and the changes are not encouraging. Forces and energy are becoming less, the health is not adding, and you want sex less often. It seems that it is forever… Don’t let things get you down!

Genetics is on our side

Testosterone is responsible for typical male characteristics: deep voice, muscle mass, hair growth on the face and body. Because of testosterone deficiency a man feels the first signs of approaching old age. Timely anti-aging hormone therapy suspends age-related changes and returns the feeling of youth.

age-related changes

After thirty years the testosterone level is reducing by about 10% per decade. Testosterone reduction leads to andropause and is accompanied by a variety of symptoms:
complete lack of sexual desire
lack of energy
irritability and mood swings
loss of strength and muscle mass
increase of body fat
hot flashes

To some people it seems natural and inevitable. Not to us!

About 5 million men in the United States suffer from symptoms associated with testosterone deficiency and only 5% of them receive treatment. It is terrible to imagine that the rest is just watching the aging of their favorite organism and do nothing. Upon the occurrence of andropause also increases the risk of osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and other age-related problems related to a decrease in testosterone level.

This condition and depression can be avoided.

To diagnose testosterone level is enough to have a blood test. Hormone replacement therapy will return energy, sexual desire and a sense of youth, as well as will help increase muscle mass and bone density.

The testosterone supplements are available in Europe in many forms, including gels, tablets and injections.