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«The reduction in telomere length may be a major cause of aging, not only in individual cells but also in the organism as a whole».
Nobel Committee Press Release

Measurement of telomere length

Revival of lost power and opportunities

What are telomeres?

Telomeres are the terminal areas disposed at both ends of the 23 pairs of chromosomes inherited from the parents. Telomeric areas are not able to combine with other chromosomes and perform a protective function Telomeres play a key role in maintaining of DNA integrity.

Telomeres. Nobel Prize

In 2009, researches concerning Telomere Biology were awarded with the Nobel Prize, which proves the extreme importance of this area of science, because even if all the diseases known to mankind will be cured, life expectancy will be limited to the length of telomeres in cells.

The reduction of telomeres is the cause of aging

Reduction of telomere length can be the main cause of aging not only in separate cells and in the body as a whole.
These discoveries have allowed to take another look at a cell and shed light on the mechanisms of human diseases, as well as provided a basis for further scientific researches and development of new therapies. Nobel Committee Press Release

Telomeres and Aging

The man gradually loses youth and vitality because of cell degradation and destruction caused by the aging process. Each of our cells contains 92 telomeres, a kind of “chronometer”, measuring the onset of old age.
At each cell division, the telomeres are shortened gradually until one of them become critically short that causes a disease or cell death.
Shortening of telomeres is an irreversible and permanent process, the rate of which can be affected by environmental factors, physical or emotional stress.
The average value of telomere length is a marker of biological age. Every time when the cell is reproduced, its telomeres become a bit shorter, so that after a few cell divisions, reaching a critical level, cell death occurs. Thus, our organism mutation prevents cell lines that may lead to cancer.

Quale Vita specialists together with EUGENOMIC laboratory developed and successfully carried out the tests for determining telomere length. Studies have found that the length of telomeres in addition to information about biological age also tells about the risk of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, increased susceptibility to infections and low life expectancy.

If the tests prove that the telomeres are shorter than they should be at a certain age, there is a chance to extend them, and thus improve the overall state:

  • Correct eating habits
  • Physical exercises
  • Supplementation (TA65), that activates the telomerase enzyme which is responsible for telomere elongation.

Also telomere length test can determine the compatibility of donors in bone marrow transplantation.

For the diagnosis and monitoring of changes in telomeres’ length it is necessary to have accurate and sensitive technique for measuring tiny changes in their length in order to monitor the effectiveness of therapy.

Other clinical applications of telomere measurement:

  • Forecast of cancer development
  • Selection of Bone Marrow Donors
  • Diagnosis of congenital dyskeratosis and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

TA-65 is a dietary supplement that restores telomeres’ length due to the activation of telomerase
TA-65 MD activates telomerase and increases the length of telomeres in humans. Thus, there is improvement in the functioning of immune cells, increased bone density, and other essential biomarkers parameters.

Who can take the TA-65 MD?

Any person over 40 years old who wants to prevent the irreversible effects of aging and lead a life of active longevity.

How safe is the TA-65 MD?

TA-65 MD was submitted after 5 years of development, research and laboratory tests to ensure maximum safety. Currently, more than 100 customers are taking TA-65 MD for over 5 years. In the implementation of the TA-65 MD was not registered any single case of side effects, cancer or susceptibility increase to new oncological diseases.


The product can be ordered after testing
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