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Check up is a European clinical examination Quale Vita DIAGNOSTICS PROGRAM

Diagnostic Check up Program

The full medical examination in one day

Diagnostic Check up Program is a complete diagnosis of body systems and is recommended by leading European experts. Annual medical examination is the shortest path to health and active longevity.

About Check up Program

Check up Program is an annual rapid clinical examination in Europe using the latest diagnostic technologies. Quale Vita specialists and leading diagnostic centers in Spain have developed a program for the complete diagnosis of the body using the latest technology.

Quale Vita experts believe that the annual medical examination is the shortest path to health and active longevity.

Survey objectives

One-day survey held by Quale Vita experts will let you know everything about current state of the body and select modern methods of treatment and prevention. As a result, the patient receives:

  • Complete information about current state of health;
  • Recommendations on the treatment of existing diseases;
  • Information about predispositions of the body and possible recommendations on the prevention of cardiovascular, neuro-degenerative, endocrine and oncological diseases.

The examination program

Diagnostic Check Up Program is formed taking into account individual characteristics of each patient. To make out a survey profile, diagnosis optimization and further examination in the clinic there is the panel of medical tests that must be handed in before visiting clinic.

The diagnostic program consists of two phases: sending analysis (with courier from Moscow) and a one-day survey in the medical center (Spain).

Preliminary tests

At the preliminary stage of diagnosis it is necessary to hand over the analysis of blood and urine, as well as fill out a detailed questionnaire about the state of health. According to the results of the collected history an individual survey program will be developed and, if necessary, there will be a consultation of endocrinologist of the highest category in Moscow.
30 days before the internal consultation blood and urine samples are sent to our European laboratory. Transportation of tests is held by a special courier delivery of biomaterials.

List of tests
  • Complete blood count (including tumor markers)
  • Extended analysis of blood and urine for hormones, amino acids and vitamins
  • Extended blood analysis for allergens and food intolerance
  • Analysis of intestinal microflora
  • Genetic panels for analysis of predispositions
    (are not included in the basic program)
  • Analysis of the fatty acid content of cell membranes
    (are not included in the basic program)
The examination program
  • Initial inspection of therapeutist, analysis of laboratory results
  • Diagnosis and Full Body Scan
  • Final meeting with therapeutist and discussion of the results
  • Medical report and recommendations (in Russian)
Full body scan

Full Body Scan is a complete body scan with the help of computerized tomography which allows to visualize the slightest violations and to conduct the most accurate diagnosis of complex organism. Under the survey is conducted a scan of internal organs, blood vessels and bones, as well as a complete blood count, including hormonal diagnosis and tumor markers.

Full body scan takes 20 seconds and the irradiation dose is 80% less than conventional scanners.

The main part of the research is carried out on the unit of the latest generation CT TAS 320 kroons to give images of maximum resolution.

Full body scan is necessary to

  • exclude cancer of colon, lungs and brain;
  • detect any cardiac anomalies (risk of myocardial infarction);
  • examine bones and spinal injuries (herniated disc);
  • examine blood circulation in the body;
  • get a detailed analytics on hormonal studies, tumor markers, etc.

List of surveys
  • Full medical examination
  • Examination of eyes and ears
  • Full analysis of blood and urine, including C.E.A. (carcinoembryonic antigen), CA-19.9, PSA for men and CA-125 (ovarian cancer marker) for women, the study of proteins, as well as the analysis of thyroid function and hepatitis B and C.
  • Heart scan (non-invasive study, angiography)
  • Abdominal ultrasonography
  • Skull NMR (resonance study of internal brain damages)
  • Diagnostic Full Body multidetector scan the body from head to ankles:
    • Full neurological CT (TAS)
    • Examination of abdominal cavity and chest CT (TAS) for the diagnosis of digestive problems and lung tumors
    • CT (TAS) Vascular screening
    • Heart DMD
    • Virtual colonoscopy for detection of colon cancer
    • Bones CT (TAS)