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New quality of life

Individual diagnostics and safe therapy focused on rejuvenation and health The joy of life in harmony with yourself Active lifestyle at any age Maximum pleasure from interaction with your loved one

Quale Vita

European company working in the innovative field of medical CONSULTING. ADVANCED MEDICAL SCIENCE FOR those who would like to live to the maximum, not paying attention to the date in the birth certificate.

Using innovative methods of diagnostics and the latest medical discoveries , Quale Vita offers consultation with European leaders in the following areas:

  • Anti-aging medicine: patented preventive medicine programs – anti-stress, women's health after 40, burnout treatment, harmony in sexual life, achieving optimal fitness level
  • In-depth diagnostics, including the identification of individual genetic polymorphisms
  • Exclusive programs from the President of the Global Society of Hormone therapy - doctor Thierry Hertoghe and his team
  • Individual aesthetic programs, customised skin care products developed on your genetic tests results
  • Weight optimization program, which takes into account your genetics, hormonal status, food allergies and intolerances
  • Advanced perinatal diagnostic programs and reproductive medicine

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